Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast Trip

As many of you who follow AHP know, we took a trip to Oregon this past October with the primary agenda being to travel along  and see as much of the Oregon Coast as we could. This cover photo about was taken in the northern part of state near Ecola State Park. We had an amazing two week journey. The weather was amazing good for the first 3/4 of the trip.  And we were told that for Oregon in October, we were very blessed with the weather.  

Three New Additions Added to Oregon Gallery

I wanted to tell you all about three photos from our trip that I have added to my Oregon Gallery on my website and to my Etsy Store.  I just printed all three as 14x20 canvas prints and they look amazing!  

Photo #1: Crater Lake

I know Crater Lake is not on the coast but I had to share this one. When we were making plans for our trip, my wife came and asked me one day, "We're going to Crater Lake, aren't we?" I had to confess I didn't know a thing about Crater Lake. When I looked it up on the map and saw it was a little off our planned route to get to the coast, I said I didn't think we'd be going there.  She encouraged me to look up some pictures of it which I did and I immediately said, "Yup, we're going to Crater Lake!" We had a beautifully clear, cold day there.  It had snowed several inches a few days before.  In fact, we came into the National Park from the north entrance which would end up being closed for the winter just a couple weeks later. 

They describe the color of the water as cobalt blue. I can't think of a better name for it.  This view shows off the blue water and Wizard Island out in the lake.  Crater Lake is the deepest lake in North America. It could easily be one of the wonders of the world to me.  

Photo #2: Heceta Head Lighthouse

This view of the Heceta Head Lighthouse from a coast highway turnout is so picturesque. You can walk up the lighthouse from the parking area which is just off to the right (not shown) in this photo. Then, if you were ambitious, you could walk up a dirt path and get above the lighthouse looking out over the Pacific Ocean which we did. See below.


 Photo #3: Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach

No trip to the Oregon Coast would be complete without a stop at Cannon Beach where the iconic Haystack Rock sits along the shoreline. I took this photo just before sunset and it was really dumb luck I happened to catch this lovely couple in silhouette along with the giant rock.  



As I mentioned above, the 3 photos have been added to my Oregon Gallery on my website.  All my photos are available to purchase as downloadable digital files that you can use to print on the medium of your choice.  My canvas prints turned out amazing! Metal would be another great medium for these photos. Simply go to the Oregon Gallery and from there, you can follow a link to my Etsy Store to purchase your copy of your favorite. 


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