Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Male Cardinal Revisited


I just finished a training course on Wildlife Editing by a photographer I have followed for several years.  His name is Matt Klowskowski.  He was one of the original Photoshop guys with Scott Kelby years ago.  He has since moved on and runs his own photographic education business online. I have take several of his classes and he is an excellent teacher if you have any interest in learning more about photography.  (If you click on his name above, it will take you to his website.) 

After completing this Wildlife Editing course, I went back through some of my older bird photos to see which one(s) I might try out some of the things I learned.  I chose this photo of male Northern Cardinal that I took a little over 4 years ago. Here is the original photo.


You can see the original photo was under-exposed and there were a couple branches I thought were distracting.  So I corrected the exposure in Lightroom.  Then I took the photo over to Photoshop where I removed the distracting branches and added a bit of a focused vignette on the cardinal itself to draw your eye directly to the bird.  

This is an example of how digital technology can clearly rescue a photo that was not well shot in the camera in the first place.  My bad on that one. But, with programs like Lightroom and Photoshop, I can still end up with a nice photo.  You can see this photo and all my birds in this gallery on my website.  

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