Friday, August 21, 2020

Crisp Point Adventure


We were in the U.P. again this month. The weather was great. The cabin where we stayed again was awesome.  Even Lake Superior was warm enough to just walk in and not have your feet hurt! Truly a nice break from all the day-to-day stuff going on around home.
The last day we were there, we decided we needed to make the trip out to the Crisp Point Lighthouse. We knew the last leg of the road was a dirt road sometimes describes as "2-track".  But we'd heard that they had improved the road over the last few years. For those wondering where Crisp Point Lighthouse is, it is west of Whitefish Point, almost due north of Tahquamenon Falls.  You go past Tahquamenon Falls on MI 123 though until you come to the gravel road that takes you out to the lake and Crisp Point Lighthouse.  It's only about 20 miles. The first 15 miles weren't too bad. You could go about 30mph for the most part. There were many large mud puddles as it rained the night before. The last 5 miles were the real adventure. We could only go about 5-10mph because of the ruts, large puddles, pot holes, etc.  The 20 mile trek took almost an hour to complete but was well worth the effort.  I was glad we were in my truck though! 
As you can see from the photo above, it was a beautifully clear day.  There was just a slight breeze.  The black flies were there too but not terrible. Here's a couple other shots I took.  I've seen this one from other photographers and sort of felt like I had to get my version. 
Here's one more from the shoreline to the east of the lighthouse. 
After doing some rock hunting and enjoying the scene, we finally decided we needed to make the trek back out to civilization.  So we climbed into the F-150 and headed back out. 55 minutes after we left Crisp Point, we made it back to the paved road and headed back to our cabin.  It was a great 12 days in the U.P.  We might go back in late September for some fall color.  If you're ever up that way, I would recommend making the trip to Crisp Point Lighthouse.  A truck makes it easier but there were people in cars making the trip too.  

Peace to you all!

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