Monday, November 9, 2020

New Additions to Birds Gallery on Etsy

Just in time for the holidays, all my listings in my Birds Gallery in my Etsy store now include two new downloadable images along with the original image.  So here's what you now get with all my Birds photos: 
  1. The original natural background as shot in the camera 
  2. A 2nd version that has the background replaced with a beautiful textured background
  3. A 3rd textured background image that has been cropped to a square format.  
Let's look at an example.  Here is the original Indigo Bunting photo: 
The textured background version looks like this: 

The textured square crop looks like this: 

You can download all 3 and use any or all of them.  The square crop can make a nice grouping of your favorite bird photos like this: 

Lots of value for your money.  Enjoy!! 


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